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Rick Merritt

There's a saying in 75th Ranger Regiment "It's easy to get here but a lot harder to stay." When a Ranger stays in Regiment, it's an accomplishment all by itself. CSM Rick Merritt started his career off in B.Co 3/75. Since then, he held just about every position there was, all the way up to the 14th Regimental Sergeant Major. CSM Merritt served a total of 59 months in combat in Panama, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He's distinguished himself with multiple awards and schools but more importantly he was inspiring leader.

I remember as young private CSM Merritt explaining what to do when you land on airfield seizure. "Remember your noise and light discipline men. So the enemy doesn't know where you are. If you're lucky, you can get close enough to finish them off with your knife. You won't waste your ammo or give away your position." It definitely made you want to jump out of planes and kill people. CSM Merritt is also well know for running barefoot to "harden" his feet. I remember this clearly one day when he out ran a bunch of young Rangers on a 5 mile PT test. Additionally, I'm pretty sure he was capable of choking out the Devil, inducing virgin birth and could single handedly bring down AQI but he wanted younger Rangers to get some experience. He is just that hardcore of a guy that it's believable. CSM Merritt is not a man to be trifled with and one of the hardest Rangers I've every seen in my life. He may not be a tall man, but he has scowl that makes even the toughest men look down when he walks by. Many Rangers can tell you stories about him and most are borderline legendary. This man is truly a heavy hitter and a badass in the trigger puller community.

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