Greg Birch

His name was spoken with a God like reverence in Regiment. He was a extremely respected leader among higher-ups as much as lower enlisted. He was the man that did everything in special operations you could possibly do. He's truly a quiet professional and the driving force behind a few of our military policy's on the global war on terror. CSM Birch is a brilliant mind with the physical capability to back it up. No shit, if Captain America had a hero it would be this guy. In my personal opinion, I'm convinced that he ate private souls for breakfast and that's what made him invincible.

CSM Birch initially served with the 2nd Battalion 75th Rangers in every position from ammo bearer to platoon sergeant. He later left regiment and was assigned to a Special Missions Unit from 1987-2002 where he repeatedly deployed into combat/hostile fire zones in 13 different counties. He served in Panama, Desert storm(Iraq 1), Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq(GWOT) and many more undisclosed locations. When he came back to Regiment, he took over as the 3rd Battalion Command Sergeant Major where he was awarded the Silver Star at the Battle of Haditha Dam. CSM Birch later served as the 75th Ranger Regimental Command Sergeant Major. He retired from the U.S. Army in 2007 after thirty years of service in a variety of Special Operations units.

CSM Birch is also very well know for something else in the Ranger Regiment. He is known as the man that gave Rangers hair. He also enacted the boot policy for Regiment but more importantly he gave us a full head of hair. During the beginning of OEF/OIF, 75th Ranger Regiment had a very distinct haircut called a high and tight. We looked like a bunch of God damn 90's troll dolls who got into a fight with a razor. After he took command that all changed. He transformed the face of regiment to the modern day fighting force that you see today. We didn't alway wear the cool guy shit but he was the guy that kicked that rock down the hill setting in motion the evolution of the modern day Ranger.

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