Robert "Bob" Gallagher

CSM Gallagher is the epitome of a warrior. When I think of a man like this, I use the analogy of the fighter and the warrior. The fighter, is a man that fights to live. The warrior, is a man that lives to fight. He jumped in to Panama at 500ft taking enemy fire on Operation Just Cause. He was in the most intense firefight since Vietnam as a PSG with Task Force Ranger during the battle of Mogadishu. Then in 2003, he was at the tip of the spear when his unit rolled into Baghdad. CSM Gallagher is a giant among men and he has distinguished himself multiple times earning a Silver Star, two Bronze Stars (one with V device) and two Purple Hearts among many other awards. In the picture below you can see a man tending to the CSM leg wound. He never left the fight and fought on to the Ranger objective all while being wounded. His fighting prowess and outstanding leadership makes any man want to follow him, even if it's in to the gates of hell.

Even though he was fierce warrior, he was even more passionate about his soldiers. After CSM Gallagher retired from the military he took up the position of CSM of the Army Wounded Warrior program. As CSM of the program, he helped and mentored soldiers recover from injuries sustained on the battlefield.

Unfortunately, this warrior was taken before his time at the age of 52 from a heart condition. His legacy as an inspiring leader has touched many lives throughout the years and will continue to do so by the soldiers who lead by his example.

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